Criminal Defense Lawyer - Adv. Ofir Mazar

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ofir Mazar's criminal defense law firm specializes in accompanying and representing suspects, defendants and crime victims, in the criminal field, in white collar crimes and in domestic violence crimes

criminal defense lawyer ofir mazar has engraved on its banner the goal of providing personal and thorough care to all of its clients, emphasizing customer loyalty, complete discretion, and uncompromising professionalism

 criminal defense lawyer ofir mazar fights with great determination for each and every client, in order to achieve the best result for them

The response provided to the firm's clients includes among other things, professional legal advice, comprehensive legal support, and representation in the relevant legal  court

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Criminal Defense Attorney - Adv. Ofir Mazar

Criminal defense attorney and white-collar lawyer Ofir Mazar, graduated with a law degree (LL.B) with high honors and a full  member of the Bar Association

Criminal defence attorney Ofir Mazar began his career at the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office (Criminal), where he dealt closely and from within the system in all phases of the criminal procedure, starting from the investigation phase, through the manner of decision-making by the prosecuting authorities, to the full management of the proceedings in court

The worldview of criminal attorney Ofir Mazar is based on the assumption that by building a thorough and responsible strategy, together with correct risk management and uncompromising determination, the best result can be achieved for the  client

criminal defence lawyer Ofir Mazar accompanies and represents suspects, defendants and crime victims, in all types of criminal offenses, in white collar offenses and in domestic violence offenses – available 24 hours a day all  over the country

Arrest Attorney

An arrest attorney is a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in representing people who have been arrested as part of a criminal proceeding and/or a criminal investigation. The job of an arrest lawyer is to provide professional legal representation to his client, to protect his rights and to work for his release from jail

The Israeli police have extensive powers to arrest citizens, but it must be remembered that these powers are not absolute and subject to the provisions of the law – the police cannot arrest people arbitrarily nor based on gut feelings, etc

As you are arrested, it is important to remain as calm as possible and at the same time to urgently contact an experienced arrest attorney who will give you pre-trial advice, as well as represent you in the best possible way. Remember, in most  cases, professional legal representation significantly increases the chances of being released from jail

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Did you get involved with criminals? Need to get advice before an investigation? Need a consultation with a criminal lawyer? Looking for an urgent criminal lawyer | Emergency criminal lawyer? Ofir Mazar's criminal Defense attorney's office accompanies and represents suspects, defendants and criminal victims in all stages of the criminal procedure – Call now for free consultation | Tel: 972-50-5887568